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Dementia Care

Sep 6, 2018 by Marc Jeffries

Comfort Keepers® of Flemington, NJ, dementia care is dedicated to preserving the happiness and independence of seniors living in their own homes for as long as safely possible. Read Article

How Seniors Can Curb Their Sugar Cravings

Jul 3, 2018 by Suzanne M. White

Most seniors enjoy sugary foods such as cookies and brownies. While sugar filled foods are tasty, they can take a serious toll on an older adult’s well-being. The good news is that there are a variety of ways older adults can curb their sugar cravings and live a healthier life. Read Article

Hand Exercises to Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Jun 13, 2018 by Suzanne M. White

Many seniors have arthritis in their hands. To find relief, they may take oral pain medications, receive steroid injections on a regular basis, or wear a splint to support their hands. Hand exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the hands can also help older adults ease arthritis pain. If your older loved one is suffering from arthritis in their hands, a few simple exercises may ease their pain. Read Article

How to Recongnize if Your Loved One is Battling Depression

Apr 12, 2018 by Marc Jeffries

While depression is a common issue among people at any age, it is the most common among seniors because they suffer from many unique challenges and changes, from losing control of their body to grieving over the loss of friends and loved ones. Read Article

Interactive Caregiving™ For Your Elderly Loved One

Mar 7, 2018 by Marc Jeffries

There are an estimated 5.5 million Americans living with dementia in the U.S. today, and as a result, the decision to find a caregiver is an important one. It means that your senior is in need of some extra help, and you may not be able to provide it in your current setting. It is difficult, but these circumstances happen, and the best way to move forward is to find the best solution that works for both you and your senior. Or even one that could enrich both your lives. Read Article

Seniors and Glaucoma

Feb 1, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

Glaucoma is a serious concern, especially for seniors over 60. It’s the leading cause of blindness in seniors, and because it’s relatively painless many don’t even know they have it until they start to lose their vision. Understanding the symptoms of glaucoma is very important for seniors and their families in Flemington, New Jersey Read Article

Ease the Burden of Spousal Caregiving

Jan 26, 2018 by Anonymous

ALEXIS ABRAMSON, Ph.D. is cited as America’s leading, impassioned champion for the dignity and independence of those over 50. Dr. Abramson is the author of two highly acclaimed books — The Caregivers Survival Handbook and Home Safety for Seniors. Read Article

Food Allergy Action Month: Seniors and Food Allergies

May 12, 2017 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

May is Food Allergy Action Month, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about food allergies of all kinds. Read Article

Could Your Senior Be Suffering from Arthritis?

Apr 21, 2017 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

More than 54 million people throughout the United States are currently suffering from one of the more than 100 conditions collectively referred to as “arthritis.” As a family caregiver for an aging adult it is important that you recognize that risk for developing this condition increases with age. Read Article

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