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Comfort Keeper® of the Year!

Dec 7, 2018 by Marc Jeffries

Comfort Keepers® of Flemington, NJ, is PROUD to announce Annabelle Jane as our Comfort Keeper of the Year! (in the under three bracket). Annabelle has been working at Comfort Keepers since before the day she was born. When asked what she likes best about working at Comfort Keepers, she replied, "working with Mommy!"

Annabelle provides irreplaceable value to the entire office. She is the ultimate team player. She is willing at every moment to lend a hand with answering the phones, staffing cases and working on her coloring books. Annabelle has her hand in nearly every aspect of Comfort Keepers including Marc's cookie jar!

In her free time, Annabelle enjoys hiking with Mommy and Daddy, watching videos about cats and dining at Theresa's Cafe. In the near future, Annabelle plans on taking up skiing and snowboarding.

Annabelle has been known to tell the women in the office that "cats rule, dogs drool!" Such a smart young lady.

We are honored to have Annabelle part of the Comfort Keeper family. Congratulations Annabelle Jane!

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