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What is Health Literacy Month?

Oct 5, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

Empowering your aging loved one to take care of their health is a valuable element of being a family caregiver. Elderly adults tend to struggle with a variety of health concerns, and understanding what they are going through and how to manage it is a critical step and protecting their health, and helping them to enjoy a better quality of life as they age. October is Health Literacy Month. This is the ideal opportunity to find ways to encourage your parent to better understand their health and management approaches, know how to find the information they need, and take further steps to enjoy better health as they age.

Health literacy includes the following elements:

  • Ability to find the information they need about their health and treatment needs
  • Ability to find the services they need to manage their health issues
  • Ability to communicate their needs, as well as their preferences for the types of services they need
  • Ability to understand how things are communicated to them
  • Ability to understand all of the choices available to them so they can make the decision that is truly right for them
  • Ability to act effectively based on the information provided 

As a family caregiver, you can make it easier for your parent to exhibit health literacy throughout their later years. Supporting them in seeking out the information they need, and helping them to make the decisions that are best for their specific needs, as well as their preferences and individuality, empowers your parent to take control of their health and their well-being as they age. This will not only help them to live their best life, but can also make your care efforts easier and more accessible.

Simply because your aging loved one is getting older does not mean they are not capable of maintaining and active, engaged, healthy, and fulfilling life. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to empower your senior to manage their health and well-being challenges, pursue activities, and maintain as much independence as possible. The services of a senior care provider can help them to pursue this goal as they age. The services of an in-home care services provider are completely customizable, which means your aging parent will get what they need, when they need it. This can include safe and reliable transportation, meal preparation, assistance with personal care tasks, help taking care of their home, medication reminders, and more.

If you or an elderly loved one are considering senior care in Washington Borough, NJ, or the surrounding areas, call the caring professionals at Comfort Keepers of Flemington, NJ. Call today (908) 806-2220.

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