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Five Ways Caregivers Help More Than Just Your Mom

Jul 31, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

You hire caregivers to help your mom with daily activities. Maybe, she no longer drives and needs someone to drive her to appointments or stores. It could be that she struggles with grooming and remembering to take medications.

While the caregiver is helping her, you may not realize that the caregiver is also a big help to you. Here are some ways in which caregivers help entire families.

You Stop Worrying About Your Mom Being Alone

You work 40 hours a week. You have an hour's commute and have children to tend to. When a caregiver is spending time with your mom every day or every few days, you don't have to worry. Your mom is in well-trained hands. She's getting the help she needs and enjoying companionship.

You Won't Burn Through Personal and Sick Days

Your mom doesn't drive. Each year, she sees her dentist twice and her doctor once. She has appointments with her eye doctor once and a therapist or specialist every few months. You're using up at least six full or partial personal days or sick days. You can try to schedule them all in one day, but she may not tolerate hours of appointments.

With a caregiver, you only need to attend important appointments. You may want to let the caregiver drive her to the dentist, but you take time off for visits with a memory care specialist. With this plan in place, you'll have personal and sick days available when they're needed.

You're Not Going to Be Overwhelmed on the Weekends

You only have time to stop in and see your mom on Saturday and cook a week of meals. You arrive to find her laundry hasn't been touched all week. Her dog had an accident on the deck, and it hasn't been cleaned up. 

You now have to prepare a week of meals, tackle a mound of laundry, and clean up after the dog. You also need to check her supplies and take her shopping if she's out of any cleaners, toiletries, foods, or other necessities. There isn't enough time, so you have to spend a few hours on Sunday finishing things.

Caregivers take care of housekeeping and meals. You'll be able to spend time with your mom and still have time to relax on Sunday.

You Know What's Going On Each Day

When your mom lives alone, you may not know exactly what she does each day. Caregivers can track her activities and share reports with you. You'll know if your mom has taken her medications, had enough to eat and drink, and walked her dog.

You Get a Break When Necessary

You may arrange elderly care services for your mom, but they're also there for you. You need a break for your own medical and dental appointments, sick time, and social plans. Make sure you're thinking of respite care services when setting up your mom's elderly care arrangements. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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