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Five Ways to Quit Worrying as a Caregiver

Jul 16, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

For lots of caregivers, worrying is part of the daily routine. It doesn't have to be, though. You can put a lid on your worrying and ensure that you spend your energy wisely.

Make Plans and Do What You Can to Follow Them

The very first thing you can do to get a handle on worrying is to make some solid plans. You might need to work with your senior's doctor and other specialists helping you. Keep in mind that no plan is fully perfect, but it can serve as a guideline for you and for your senior. Having that plan can be a bit of a touchstone for you when you feel worry ramping up.

Move a Little When You Start to Worry

When you're starting to feel that "fight or flight" energy from worry, get up and move a little. You might consider walking in place for a little bit or go whole hog and throw on your favorite song. An impromptu dance party can burn off a lot of excess worry energy and it can distract your brain from what's causing you to worry.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a great way to help you to clear your brain. It takes practice and it's not for everyone, but meditation is something that you can at least try. Start out slowly and try counting each breath. Later, as you gain more practice, you can start to do more advanced forms of meditation where you work on clearing your brain of all thoughts.

Try Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is something you can do anywhere and at any time. Practice inhaling while you count to five and then exhale to a count of five. With each breath, increase the count. The idea is to gradually increase the length of each breath which can help to naturally calm your body.

Go with the Worry for a Minute

Not everyone recommends this, but if you've tried everything else, this might work. Try going with the worry for just a minute or two. You've got the seed of a worrying thought, so take it out to its furthest conclusion. You may find that you make yourself laugh when you get to absurd extremes that aren't likely to happen. This can defuse the worry.

If you can keep yourself from falling too far into the worry trap, you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy as a caregiver. You don't have to have all the answers and your plans can help you to get through just about anything. 

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