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How Can You Improve Your Senior's Diet without Harming Her Budget?

Jul 12, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

Budgets are a big deal for your aging adult. That's why eating healthy while saving money is an important factor to consider. Here are some ideas.

Make a Menu and a List before Shopping

When your senior is shopping and eating with a plan, she's more likely to be able to stay within her budget. Take a look at what is on sale each week and make a meal plan around that as well as her nutritional needs. If possible, shop for your senior and make sure that you double check the labels on everything you choose.

Weigh the Overall Cost of Bulk Items

Bulk items are often appealing because you can really save some money that way. But if the items are something that your senior doesn't use or eat often, then that food could potentially go to waste. You might want to consider going in with other friends or family members for the purchase and then split it. Otherwise, if it's not really a good deal for your senior, that's one you'll need to pass up.

Generic Foods Really Are as Good as Name Brands

Many people are a little leery of generic or store brand food products because they're cheaper. The reality is that some of those foods may taste a little bit different from the brand name version, but the taste may actually be better. The quality is usually the same, regardless. It's worth trying a few store brand items to figure out if they're worth the savings for your senior.

Make Extras and Freeze the Leftovers

Cooking a little bit extra is usually not difficult. Afterward, make sure that you package up single-serving sizes of the meal and then freeze them. Label them with the name of the food and the date it was cooked. Then, when your senior wants a quick meal, she's got some options in the freezer.

Encourage "Pot Lucks"

Another idea is to ask friends and family if they'd be willing to cook something once or twice a week for your senior. Let them know about her dietary needs and then encourage them to stop by with the food. This is a great way for friends and family to interact more with your senior while also helping her to eat well within her budget.

Your senior may need more help than you think with healthy meals. Having elder care providers available to cook for her can be an immense benefit. Ultimately, that can even help your senor to save money because she's less likely to waste food that goes uncooked and uneaten.

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