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How to Be Proactive about Your Senior's Care

Jun 22, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

As your aging adult continues to grow older, her heath and her needs are going to change. Waiting to determine how you'll deal with that is a bad idea.

Open the Conversation Early

A big mistake that many family members make is that they wait until the right time to bring these topics up. The problem with that is there isn't really a right time and you could wind up waiting far too long. As soon as you're starting to notice that this is something that you need to talk to your senior about, you need to make plans to put action behind those thoughts.

Talk about What Your Senior Needs to Remain Independent

When you're ready for the conversation, it's important to make sure you ask your senior what she needs in order to feel as if she can remain independent. You may have some solid ideas about what this is going to require, but that doesn't mean that you've got all the bases covered just yet. Keeping your senior involved in these decisions and conversations is crucial to having her trust throughout this process.

Determine if You Should Be Her Primary Caregiver

It might be obvious to both you and your aging adult that you're the one who is going to help her through this stage of her life, but that doesn't mean that you'll necessarily be the one offering hands-on help. It might be better for both of you to have someone else, such as senior care providers, doing the daily work of hands-on caregiving.

Get an Idea of Her Overall Wishes for the Future

Don't forget to talk to your senior about what she wants out of the future. If you don't talk about this, you won't know for sure what your elderly family member wants. Take the time to listen to what she wants months and even years down the road so you can start to put plans together now. 

Start Taking Action

The next step is to start putting action behind what you've discussed. Start mapping out how to get where your elderly family member wants to go. Until you start to do that, you're going to have difficulty determining your next steps. It might even be something you and your elderly family member want to put on paper so that you know for certain you've got a plan.

You may want to revisit these topics with your senior more than once, just to ensure that your plans still meet her needs. There may be times in which a different course of action would be more beneficial for everyone concerned.

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