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Having The Talk: When It's Time To Take The Keys Away From Your Senior Loved One

May 24, 2018 by Suzanne M. White

As a caregiver to your loved one, you may be faced with a difficult decision that must be made about your loved one and their ability to drive.  While you may find the decision difficult, it is important that you truly take this decision to heart because your loved one could be a danger to himself or herself on the road. It is important for you to take some time to assess your loved one’s driving skills and if you need help, ask their healthcare professional to help you.

Below, are some of the things to think about or look for as you watch your senior loved one drive. Of course, it is recommended that you ride with them a few times in the car, as this will give you a better idea of how they do drive and conduct themselves.

  • Healthcare professionals recommend to watch out for any signs that your loved one becomes tired, confused, or frustrated as they drive. This can create poor driving conditions and lead to an accident.


  • Try to identify if your loved one is slower to respond to stimuli in the environment such as a red light, stop sign, or yield signs.


  • Look out for questionable driving behavior that may be risky, scary, or dangerous. This type of behavior can include tailgating, swerving on the road, and merging or switching lanes without a signal.


If you are a caregiver to your loved one and you need some help identifying whether or not they may be a danger on the road, contact your healthcare professional.


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