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Five Outstanding Dog Breeds for Seniors With Mobility Issues

Feb 9, 2018 by Nancy Hmieleski, RN, BSN Director of Nursing

After a stroke, hip surgery, or illness, your parent just doesn't have a lot of energy. A short walk is fine, but your mom or dad can only manage a 10-minute walk. For most dogs, that's simply not enough exercise. Here are five dog breeds that don't require a lot of exercise, which makes them great for seniors with mobility issues.

#1 – Basset Hound – A Basset Hound has short legs, long ears, and limited interest in high levels of activity. While this breed does need to get some exercise, a short walk is more than enough. Fetching a tennis ball or squeaky toy that your mom or dad throws down a hallway is another way the dogs can get enough physical activity. The dogs are also known for being good with kids and pretty easy to train.

#2 – Bulldog – Both French and English Bulldogs don't require long walks. A short walk around the yard is often enough. They're great with kids, which is helpful if your mom has a lot of grandchildren that visit. They also train easily.

#3 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very loving and tolerant of children. They are also one of the easiest dogs to train. They do like a short walk every day, but it doesn't have to be an overly long walk.

#4 – Pekingese – These dogs do not take up much space. At 6 to 9 inches high, they're more the size of a cat. They don't really bark a lot and a few short walks are all that's necessary to keep them healthy. They're tougher to train, and your mom or dad will need to be willing to groom the dog regularly.

#5 – Shih Tzu – A Shih Tzu is usually more interested in playing than taking a walk. They don't shed a lot, and they're usually very good with children. They do need grooming, so your parent must be willing to take the dog to a groomer or brush the hair to prevent it from tangling.

With a dog to help your parent get a short walk each day, you'll find a dog is also good at providing companionship. Dogs do have their limitations, though. Have a senior care professional stop by each day or a couple times per week to make sure your mom or dad is handling daily activities of living well. 

As mobility decreases, your parent may need someone to help with laundry and housework. Rides to stores and medical offices may also be necessary. Call a senior care agency to discuss available services.

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